Online Class Support

The North Daviess R-III School District in light of the Corona Virus National Emergency has opted for many students in the High School to utilize online software applications in place of daily classes for an extended period to assist in curving the Virus's infection rate. It is for that reason many students are utilizing Google Classroom. We at North Daviess understand that this can cause issue and want you to rest assured that our educators and staff are fully committed to working with you and your student on any issues that arise during this period.

In the instance you're unable to login please screenshot the error that is being output, this can be done through your cellular phone or by hitting the prtscr button on the keyboard on pc. Then please paste the image to an email and send it to the instructor to let them know that there is currently an issue with a students turn-in and that they are unable to meet the daily turn-in for that class.

In the case of outages and or server slow-down periods I'm communicating with the other instructors and requesting they offer alternative means to meet turn-ins for their classes in case of server outages. This will be instructor specific and I ask that you and your student please get in contact with the instructor to determine the most appropriate method of turn-in for their specific class if the three sites are down on the day of turn-in.

We are more available between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m, but please never be afraid to email your instructor. An email with the error code/screenshot allows you to document that you are having issues and will allow more leniency towards assignments for your student. Don't panic, we understand that this is a difficult time and we are willing to work with you and be flexible. Each educator will work out a method to resolve any issues.

Also if you have any further issues that reside on the more technology side you may contact or

I wanted to thank you for your understanding and appreciate you working with us during this time. It's not everyday that we are asked to meet these kind of circumstances and we understand it can be difficult when working with new software to educate our students.

Thank you,

Jonathan Elder

Tech Coordinator